Although it’s a great series, fire force continues to be massively underrated, and it’s actually pitiful. The characters are great and relatable, and the plot is amazing, to say the least. The animation is top notch and makes the fight scenes exhilarating and breathtaking.

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The series tells the story of Shinra, a boy who lost his mother and brother in a fire. In his quest to find his mother’s killer, he found himself drawn into a scheme much larger than he could imagine. Now he fights to save the whole world – or at least what’s left of it. In many battles in the series, there came a time when exhaustion was no excuse for giving up, especially when there was a lot at stake.

ten Shinra’s battle with Sho was truly nerve-wracking

Shinra lived twelve years of his life believing that his mother and brother had died in a fire. Later, he learned that his brother Sho was alive and working for the enemy. Shinra has already come to the conclusion that he should fight his brother, and fans have been looking forward to the epic brother vs. brother battle.

The fight was one sided for the most part but, despite exhaustion and beatings, Shinra refused to give up and was determined to bring his brother home with him. Shinra’s willpower alone kept him going until he found a way to follow Sho into the fight and turn the tables on him.

9 Benimaru pushed Shinra and Arthur to the brink but they came back

Benimaru is rightly named the strongest pyrokinetic of them all due to the firepower he can unleash in a fight. He was strong enough to easily overwhelm Shinra and Arthur in a fight, two firefighters who are by no means weak. He was trying to teach them hysterical strength, which is the ability to keep fighting even when the body wants to give in.

Benimaru’s brutal training nearly caused Shinra and Aurthur to have Tephrosis, a fatal deficiency that results from the overuse of pyrokinesis. Just as they were about to pass out, they drew on their hysterical strength and stood up, their bodies emitting intense blue flames.

8 Konro used his last strength to defeat an infernal demon

During a massive fire, Infernals appeared all over Asakusa, and the city’s firefighters responded quickly. Konro and Benimaru put so many Infernals to rest, and due to using so much power, they were both exhausted and on the verge of contracting tephrosis.

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A demon appeared at the worst possible moment and Konro decided to face it alone, so he pushed Benimaru out of the fight. Konro used an incredibly powerful technique known as the Crimson Moon to eliminate the Infernal Demon. Konro used up all of his juice in the fight and got Tephrosis as a result.

seven Shinra’s Battle With Hibana Puts A Company Captain’s Power Into Perspective

Shinra encountered Company Five while attempting to put an Infernal to rest. They were hostile, especially their captain, Hibana. She was a pompous young woman who treated people like trash. Shinra had a small skirmish with them before the rest of his company came and stopped him, but it was far from over.

Special Fire Force Company 8 eventually attacked Company 5’s base in search of information on the solution to Spontaneous Human Combustion. They encountered strong resistance and Shinra had his hands full against Hibana. She gave Shinra a tougher fight than he had expected, but Shinra was able to fight through the pain and exhaustion to land the decisive blow.

6 Lt. Hinawa’s fight with Arrow was jaw-dropping

In this labyrinth of the Nether, Company 8 faced the mighty White-Clad to bring them down. After splitting up, the Company 8 lieutenant ran into a White-Clad member known as Arrow, who can craft arrows out of fire. Hinawa has the power to control heat and easily increase the power and velocity of his bullets, making an ordinary gun fire like a cannon.

Hinawa got exhausted in this epic shootout, but he wasn’t done yet. With the final strength he could muster, he pulled his trigger once more and increased the power of his shot so much that his weapon was shattered. He used Arrow’s flames as a speed booster for his bullet, and he took it down with the Shockwave alone.

5 Ogun showed how powerful he really was when he fought Tempe

While on a mission to investigate the cause of the Great Cataclysm, Shinra and his friends encountered many Infernals at an oasis. They fought back and put several of them to rest until only their leader, an infernal demon, was left.

Shinra tried to find a way to defeat him while Ogun bought him time. Ogun fought harder than anyone thought. For a short time, Ogun was able to emit almost as much heat as Captain Burns of Company 1. Consecutive combos from Ogun really drained his energy, but he kept going.

4 Shinra’s fight with Charon was epic

Charon proved to be too much for Shinra to handle when they fought. Viewers were shocked that Charon was so strong, and before long it was obvious that Shinra couldn’t win. Despite the overwhelming odds, Shinra continued to fight and try to find a way to win, but Charon continued to stand tall no matter what Shinra threw at him.

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Shinra eventually found a way to turn things around and even managed to topple Charon. It was by no means easy, as Shinra gave it his all to unleash an attack that scratched Charon. Charon would eventually get up and knock Shinra down again.

3 Charon saved the entire Tokyo Empire

As a three-way battle ensued between the White-Clad, Company 8, and Haijima Industries over a boy named Nataku, Haumea, a White-Clad member with the power to manipulate brainwaves, caused a mental breakdown in Nataku. drove his powers insane. Despite everyone’s best efforts to get to safety, it was all too obvious that it would be impossible to escape the explosion.

Afraid of losing the people the White-Clad so desperately wanted, Charon exceeded his limits and used his power to stop an attack that could have wiped out the Tokyo Empire. He mirrored the attack on the moon, leaving a three hundred mile wide crater and cementing his place as one of the strongest characters in the series.

2 Special firefighters gave everything to put out a fire across the city

The White-Clad orchestrated the outbreak of a large number of Infernals which caused numerous fires that quickly spread and were on the verge of becoming a city-wide disaster. Special fire force companies reacted quickly and did their best to bring the fires under control while simultaneously battling the infernals everywhere.

Things got worse when an Infernal Demon appeared, which are usually the hardest to defeat. It took the combined effort of all the fire companies present to defeat a hellish demon, which Benimaru and Konro could do on their own. This was no small feat, as everyone involved was exhausted from the constant fighting.

1 Shinra deflected the arrow’s arrow to save Benimaru

During the White-Clad attack on Asakusa, Companies 8 and 7 worked together to fight the Fires, Infernals, and White-Clads. Benimaru was busy fighting an infernal demon, but he was spotted by Arrow when he decided to take the battle skyward to avoid blowing the city to smithereens.

Arrow quickly attempted to take down Benimaru. Shinra refused to let that happen. He acted immediately, flying at supersonic speed to intercept the arrow. Deflecting the arrow was harder than it looked and Shinra had to give everything to repel it.

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