Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight The streaming series was met with mixed reviews from critics. Certain aspects of the series were praised, such as the psychological thrills, gonzo visuals, and mind-bending twists, but other parts were criticized, such as the intermittent action, Jake Lockley’s tease, and the direct final battle.

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One thing that received universal acclaim was Oscar Isaac’s performance as the titular antihero, challenging Marvel’s clear vision of good and evil. The actor managed to create two distinct characters trapped in the same troubled mind. Isaac’s jaw-dropping turn was one of the highlights of Moon Knightbut the actor’s resume is filled with great performances competing for the title of his best work.


2 Moon Knight is the best

Moon Knight is three performances combined in one

Moon Knight Oscar Isaac screaming episode 4

Isaac is the only TV leading man who could land two Outstanding Lead Actor nominations at the Emmys, because this performance in the title role of Moon Knight is really three performances rolled into one.

For the majority of the series, Isaac plays two separate personalities fighting for control of the same mind – and, in the mid-credits scene, he introduces a third personality.

Isaac subverted expectations in a franchise with little room for subversion

Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector Steven Grant in Moon Knight

The MCU generally tells standard archetypal stories centered around standard archetypal heroes, with a black-and-white take on the struggle between good and evil. Moon Knight is one of the few exceptions, exploring a moral gray area that Marvel rarely touches.

There are a lot of twists in the first season of Moon Knight and the show has a complex ethical perspective: is it okay to kill bad people before they do bad things?

He nails the mix of comedy and tragedy

Moon Knight Mr. Knight Steven Oscar Isaac

Marvel projects tend to mix comedy and drama in the familiar superhero genre, but Moon Knight goes further: its humor is particularly wacky and its drama particularly poignant.

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Isaac nails both the perfect, squeaky-comedy timing in his character as Steven and the harrowing tragedy of Marc’s trauma, rage issues, and fractured psyche (and his brutal backstory).

Moon Knight is the MCU’s first true anti-hero

Moon Knight Holding Bloody Scarab

The MCU has toyed with the notion of anti-heroes in the past. Tony Stark was far from perfect, Wanda Maximoff held an entire town hostage, and Loki was a villain for a decade before leading his own streaming show, but all of these characters eventually became single protagonists.

The titular ass kicker powered by god in Moon Knight is easily the darkest hero in the MCU to date. Isaac had a lot of fun with Marvel’s most brutal superhero, enjoying the chance to dig into darker impulses than the average Avenger.

Isaac must explore the full spectrum of human emotions in this role

Reflection by Marc Spector and Steven Grant Moon Knight

In the role of Moon Knight, Isaac had the chance to explore all facets of the complex emotional spectrum of humanity. Steven is very warm and bubbly and optimistic, Marc is cold and ruthless and pessimistic, and Jake is even more blunt than Marc and so callous that the prospect of pessimism doesn’t even cross his mind.

Isaac took full advantage of the opportunity to oscillate between two extremes, exploring the full spectrum of human emotion within a single character.

1 Alternatives

Nathan Bateman in Ex Machina

Oscar Isaac in Ex Machina

One of the roles that put Isaac on the map was Nathan Bateman in Ex-Machina. Nathan is a reclusive tech mogul who invites a random employee to his secluded cabin in the woods for what appears to be a place to relax.

This meeting place actually turns out to be a Turing test determining the effectiveness of the AI ​​he is working on. Isaac’s turn as a super-rich tycoon who lives on the fringes of civilized society is rightly quirky.

Poe Dameron in the Star Wars sequel trilogy

Poe Dameron in Star Wars

Isaac’s first major role as maverick resistance pilot Poe Dameron in the star wars the sequel trilogy was dropped by an insubstantial and unplanned character arc. Despite this ill-conceived character development, Isaac’s performance as Poe is still one of the sequels’ saving graces.

The actor’s effortless charisma (which is no different from Harrison Ford’s) suited the pulpy man perfectly. star wars universe. Isaac’s take on Poe combines the icy coolness of Han Solo with the unwavering nobility of Luke Skywalker.

Nick Wasicsko in Show Me A Hero

Oscar Isaac in Show Me A Hero Parts 1 & 2

Moon Knight isn’t Isaac’s first big TV role. He previously played Yonkers Mayor Nick Wasicsko in the limited series show me a heroadapted from the 1999 nonfiction book of the same name by ex-New York Times reporter Lisa Belkin.

Wasicsko was Yonkers’ youngest mayor, who fought for public housing desegregation, and Isaac’s performance in the acclaimed miniseries offers a complete portrayal of this historic figure.

Duke Leto Atreides in Dune

Oscar Isaac looks serious in Dune

It was inevitable that the rehabilitation by Denis Villeneuve of Dunes would be compared to David Lynch’s version of the 1980s. One of the areas where Villeneuve’s interpretation undeniably improves on Lynch’s is that the acting is much more nuanced and naturalistic, creating the illusion that are real people living in a real world.

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Isaac provides one of the film’s most memorable turns as Duke Leto Atreides, Paul’s father who takes over the spice mining on Arrakis and slowly realizes the Emperor has defeated him.

Llewyn Davis in Inside Llewyn Davis

Oscar Isaac in the opening scene of Inside Llewyn Davis

The role that put Isaac on the map was Dylan’s eponymous folksinger in the Coen Brothers’ 60s masterpiece. Inside Llewyn Davis. The film is more of a loosely structured character study than a traditional plot, which directly spotlights Isaac’s performance.

Isaac effortlessly carries the film with a lot of pathos. His performance is both dryly hilarious and deeply moving, perfectly hitting the idiosyncratic tragicomic tone of the Coens’ storytelling.

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