The school resumes, with the students and staff in the classrooms. Some students have not returned to campus for over a year. Distance learning and hybrid schedules were wreaking havoc on students, teachers and parents. Now almost everyone is back, although the school is a little different with pandemic precautions like universal interior masking in place. School social worker Yajaira Cuapio and kindergarten teacher Cathy Sullivan shared their experiences returning to class with “Civic”. Both are excited to be back and have said their students are back as well, but fear schools will close again.

“This is my biggest hope: that we don’t go into closure anymore, just because I see how important it is for our students to come back, and their enthusiasm, and I see how important it is for our families and communities.

– Yajaira Cuapio

“We have a lot more information than at the start of the pandemic. I remember at the start of the pandemic we were cleaning everything 100 times a day. And now we know that surface transmission of COVID is rare. We also know that outdoor transmission of COVID is rare. So we know more about how to stay safe. ”

– Cathy Sullivan

Yajaira Cuapio and Cathy Sullivan. Courtesy photos.

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