has the latest, the new General hospital spoilers for two weeks coming from Monday, November 29 to Friday, December 10. has the latest, new General hospital spoilers for two weeks, from Monday November 29 to Friday December 10. Things get tense between Michael and Willow, Sonny and Carly are faced with a tough choice, and Peter runs off again making threats. (Seriously, what will it take to stop this guy?!?)

General hospital spoilers week of November 29:

GH Soap Box: Grateful for Peter’s arrest, lamenting the hanging plots, and hoping that Drew’s reappearance will invigorate some characters.

General hospital spoilers for Monday, November 29:

In today’s recap, Valentine takes over ELQ, Drew surprises the Quartermaines at Thanksgiving, and news of Jason spreads.

Bring out your Thanksgiving leftovers, as the vacation continues today in Port Charles as Portia hosts a Friendsgiving dinner.

How will Sam and Dante react to the news circulating in town?

Nina and Phyllis each have something to share as they sit down for a heart-to-heart conversation.

In the least surprising news of all time, a feud breaks out at the Quartermaine mansion.

General hospital spoilers for Tuesday, November 30:

drew plans to search for louise gh

In today’s recap, Cyrus calls Sonny, Britt opens up to Austin, Liesl and Scott reconnect, and Drew breaks Jason’s news to the Qs.

Things take an unexpected turn at the Quartermaine house as Thanksgiving continues… and no, it’s not that they end up eating pizza.

In light of what happened, Sam wonders how to move forward and what the next steps will be.

It takes a lot to shake Sonny up, so who’s on the other end of the line from the disturbing phone call he’s getting?

Austin and Britt find themselves to be pitied. (Is it not true that we immediately find ourselves thinking, “Hmm, chemistry is testing a new couple?”) Meanwhile, her mother receives a visitor she hadn’t expected.

General hospital spoilers for Wednesday, December 1:

Mac asks Chase about Valentin General Hospital

In today’s recap, Chase is suspended from the force, Spinelli discovers Jason, and Victor takes charge of the Cassadine family.

Believe it or not, Thanksgiving Day continues as Alexis’ holiday dinner goes off the rails a bit.

When Ned needs comfort, Olivia is there for him.

Sonny turns to Spinelli for an assist.

How will Sam and Dante’s move impact their future as a budding couple?

Cast news! The beloved vet is finally back: “I couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of this family again. “

General hospital spoilers for Thursday, December 2:

Alexis Sam joins forces with GH

In today’s recap, Sam suggests she and Alexis team up, Sasha and Brando name their baby, and Valentine returns to the Quartermains.

After a long and trying day, Sonny and Carly take the time to reconnect.

As Sasha struggles, Brando and Nina join forces to be there for her.

Brook Lynn and Chase work together to try to calm Maxie down, but it can be a tall order.

There is turmoil in the Cassadine family (in large part thanks to Victor). As the newly free Alexis tries to figure out what her next step should be, Valentine finds himself opening up to Anna in a way he’s never done before.

General hospital Michelle Stafford (ex-Nina) introduces the family member who fits perfectly into the circus which is her happy home!

General hospital spoilers for Friday, December 3:

What is Carly spying on that makes her extremely uncomfortable? Meanwhile, Brando gets some fatherhood advice from Sonny who, having had his fair share of children, knows a lot about the subject!

In search of closure, Valentin does something he hopes to bring him.

Maxie is caught off guard.

Clearly having forgotten what they say happens when one assumes, Britt makes a guess about Austin.

Kelly Monaco (Sam) tweets the equivalent of a hug to a particularly dear castmate.

General hospital spoilers week of December 6:

General hospital spoilers for Monday, December 6:

With Jason out of the picture, we’ll be interested to see what brings Sonny and Britt together and how they interact with each other.

Be careful, Nina, because Carly wants answers from you … and experience has taught us that there is probably no “right” answer you can give.

What will Willow do with the astonishing information that falls on her knees?

Ava has a word of warning for Nikolas.

Louise has a new champion in Drew, who is determined to find the “missing” child.

General hospital spoilers for Tuesday, December 7:

When Sonny issues a challenge, will Nina stand up to take it on?

Willow thinks carefully about what her next move should be.

Maxie finds herself confronted with the past. Hopefully, this will help pave the way for his future reunion with his daughter?

Esme may think of herself as a master manipulator, but she’s about to be played by Trina! Meanwhile, Josslyn questions Spencer about her relationship.

General hospital spoilers for Wednesday, December 8:

Another day, another round of threats from Peter. (He might want to check out this post where fans make it pretty clear how they feel about him! So maybe he can check himself out before… oh, too late. He’s already destroyed himself! )

How will Willow react when Nina comes to see her to ask her a favor?

Maxie has a word of warning for Austin. But will he listen, given how stubborn he can be?

Wait, what is this? Gladys actually… regrets something she did?

When Brando and Sasha need support, Michael dons his white knight armor in order to be there for him.

General hospital spoilers for Thursday, December 9:

Who is Sonny about to make “a deal with?” (It always seems a little scary when you know the guy who closes the deal is a grown man!)

Selina Wu visits Britt… Anyone else thinks this might have to do with the Doctor’s best friend, Brad?

Ava catches her husband off guard.

Irony alert: Obrecht thinks Nina should do what she can to make things right.

When a buddy needs someone to lean on, Maxie is there.

General hospital spoilers for Friday, December 10:

Apparently, unable to read the play, Anna tries to make a deal with Peter.

Sonny and Carly are going to have to make a very difficult choice.

Brando turns to the last source you can expect when he is in desperate need of help.

Britt opens up to Nina.

Michael and Willow end up having a tense exchange with Brook Lynn and Chase.

What would the actors of the soap opera say to their characters about their current relationships? You can get a feel for it by checking out our photo gallery below filled with romantic tips from today’s celebs, then get all the latest. General hospital exits and returns in the same place!

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