England captain Heather Knight has blasted Deepti Sharma for lying about giving warnings to Charlotte Dean.

Jhulan Goswami earned a proper retirement at Lord’s in London as India picked up a brilliant victory over the hosts and completed a whitewash on them. However, the match made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Deepti Sharma was playing in the 44th round of the English innings and Charlotte Dean was on the non-attacking side. On the 3rd ball over Dean left the crease before the ball was released from Deepti’s hand, Deepti used her presence of mind and chased Dean away.

After the game, social media was split into two parts. However, under the new rules, there is nothing unfair about these types of dismissals, and the term ‘Manakading’ only falls under the category of normal terminations.

Heather Knight goes after Deepti Sharma

England captain Heather Knight was not part of the ODI series, but she has given her thoughts on the controversial dismissal. She said India were the deserved winners of the match, and that Charlotte Dean’s exhaustion was legitimate, and that was also well within the rules.

“Game over, Charlie was legitimately fired. India was the deserved winner of the game and the series. But no warning was given. They don’t need to be given so it didn’t make the firing any less legitimate,” Heather Knight tweeted.

Although, in her next tweet, she blasted Deepti Sharma for lying about giving Dean warnings about the dismissal. She said if the team was comfortable with the shortfall, they shouldn’t have lied about the shortfall. Interestingly, Deepti said they already tipped off Dean and then kicked her out.

“But if they are comfortable with the decision to affect the runout, India shouldn’t feel the need to justify it by lying about the warnings,” Knight added.

“It was our plan because she was doing it many times. We had warned her as well. So as per the guidelines of the rules, we did it,” Deepti Sharma said after returning to India.

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