Dick Grayson dons a fashionable leather biker jacket over his usual black and blue body armor in the latest issue of his solo series.

The following contains spoilers from Night wing #93, on sale now from DC.

Dick Grayson gets a subtle costume upgrade in night wing #93 – a smooth leather jacket that goes over his normal blue and black suit.

The former Boy Wonder dons the jacket as he flees a group of corrupt Blüdhaven police officers and hops on his motorbike to escape oncoming patrol cars. The jacket features the same blue highlights along the arms as Nightwing’s normal outfit, and it connects seamlessly with Dick’s chest emblem to form a continuous blue bird symbol.

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Dick’s escape from the cops takes his bike off a freeway overpass. Thanks to a grappling hook in his bike—as well as the extra padding afforded by his new jacket—Dick survives the next fall and makes it safely to Barbara Gordon’s hideout.

While there’s no indication that Dick will continue to wear a jacket over his regular gear when he’s not riding a motorcycle, this isn’t the first time Nightwing has donned additional leather gear. Notably, in Sean Gordon Murphy White knight series of Batman stories – which take place in a separate universe unrelated to mainstream DC continuity – Dick Grayson sports a jacket with blue highlights on his costume in a stylish design similar to his appearance in night wing #93.

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In regular continuity, Dick also briefly wore an unadorned brown leather jacket over his costume on several occasions, most recently in night wing #84. The character design in the next Gotham Knights The video game from Warner Bros. Montreal also includes a tactical vest that vaguely resembles a jacket, unlike the more traditional appearance of Dick’s tight-fitting jumpsuit in the comics.

Dick’s new misfires come as the Boy Wonder has his hands full trying to turn Blüdhaven into a better town, figuring out the limits of his relationship with his recurring flame Barbara Gordon, and wrestling with the knowledge that he has a half-life. sister to Melinda Zucco, current mayor of Blüdhaven. Nightwing can also be seen in the current mega-event involving the DC Universe, Dark crisis. Set in a slightly different time to the adventures of his solo series, Nightwing’s dark crisis his appearance shows him training the next generation of Titans, leading the charge against an invading army of villains led by Deathstroke and dealing with the fallout from the Justice League’s presumed death.

night wing #93 comes from writer Tom Taylor, artist Bruno Redondo, inker Wade Von Grawbadger, colorist Adriano Lucas, and letterer Wes Abbott, with a cover by Redondo and a variant cover by Jamal Campbell, Serg Acuña and Nick Robles. The issue is on sale now from DC Comics.

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