In Batman Secret Files, Signal, Dark Knight’s ally, discovers a new arms dealer in Gotham who specifically serves the villain community.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Batman Secret Files: The Signal # 1 by Tony Patrick, Christian Duce, Luis Guerrero & Andworld Design, on sale now

The villains of the DC Universe have always been willing to work with each other for as long as it can benefit them, whether in the form of allies or weapons. Now both of these can be outsourced through a newly revealed location.

Signal, aka Duke Thomas, has just discovered the brilliant new way villains across the DC Universe share supplies – the White Market, an unseen group of arms dealers who have moved to Gotham City, hidden from view. the community of heroes.

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Signal is one of Batman’s more recent crime-fighting partners, with the Dark Knight even recently trusting him to effectively become the primary member of the Bat-Family ‘day’. Work with your old man We are Robin his teammate Izzy Ortiz, Signal effectively became Gotham’s Protector by Day – clashing with former allies like Riko and Dax, who also chose to become brutal independent protectors of Gotham. Upon meeting the pair while on patrol, Signal is shocked when Riko is found to be able to essentially copy her powers over the light spectrum – and use it to expose a surprising location hidden from Gotham’s sight. During his last debriefing, Signal learns that this “white market” has only been up and running for a few months, but has quickly become a favorite with villains in the DC Universe.

The White Market is basically a place for bad guys to come and buy unique supplies, weapons, or tools to aid them in their nefarious missions. There seems to be a host of experienced staff, each with their own knowledge of what guns to sell. The White Market has been hidden even from Batman and his allies, using technology to remain invisible to the naked eye and difficult to reach without permission. They accept payments of all kinds, allowing them to operate with virtually every corner of the DC Universe – with villains like Prometheus, Parasite, Count Vertigo, Merlyn and Giganta all being spotted chasing white market goods. It is also apparently funded in part by the Order of the Stone – a sect of the Crime Church, with the Crime Bible visible on the market.

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By following Riko in the market, Signal is able to spot over thirty major villains from around the world, scouring through weapons. The Teyestrix is ​​revealed to be a shooting range where villains can test weapons on living prisoners, giving them a taste of their new tools. Nor are they just weapons and gadgets on display. The White Market is also where the bad guys can learn about new gigs across the country, take jobs from Metropolis to Central City, and recruit new goons at Arkham Juvenile Hall. The minds behind the white market even seem to be experimenting with replica weapons – with Véronique Cale test out a Sinestro Corps Ring replica – and alien creatures, proven by a pair of seemingly captured White Martians.

There are even drugs and remedies on display, including a Joker Toxin serum that could potentially be the key for Duke to restore his parents’ spirit after their tragic encounter with the Clown Prince years earlier. But Riko is discovered before she can reach them in time, prompting the White Market to teleport as a security feature. This put a large target on Signal’s back, but also gives him the chance to breach what could be one of the most potentially dangerous villain bases in the DC Universe. As Batman explains, the White Market is the kind of thing villains have always wanted, and with its existence, they could easily become more unified and dangerous. It will be on Signal to find out more about it and shut it down – potentially finding a way to restore its parents in the process.

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